Each purchased product INKARI helps support the initiative of the foundation

All Inkari products are manufactured in Peru. Through the fair-trade marketing of these products, local Peruvian farmers are being fully supported. Additionally, in order to contribute to the basic living needs of those less fortunate in Peru, we offer our support to the nonprofit organization “Creating Water Foundation”.

The Creating Water Foundation is a nonprofit organization active in Peru that is dedicated to helping people who no not have access to clean drinking water. The foundation does this by using sustainable solution in extremely dry, un-farmable areas, by catching water from mist in the air using completely sustainable: The sun, wind and water.


Creating Water works to raise awareness about global issues such as food and drinking water shortages in less economically developed areas. In cooperation with the locals in Peru, a solution was sought out for these issues. The solution was fog nets. These large nets are placed along Peruvian coastal regions, and collect water from the air (fog) for the locals to use for both drinking and agriculture to produce food. These nets are now being sustained and managed by the local people.

The Creating Water Foundation won the award for ‘Best Sustainable Project Under Small Foundations’ in 2014.

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